Discovery Channel airing 'Salvage Dawgs' marathon

Highlights several Roanoke area landmarks

ROANOKE, Va.- – If you're a Black Dog Salvage fan and missed the hourslong marathon of Salvage Dawgs on the Discovery Channel, you'll have another chance to binge watch the show. 

Discovery aired 16 episodes Tuesday from earlier seasons during a marathon of the Roanoke-based television show.

Projects featured on the show include renovations on the Stone House and General George Marshall's barracks door to the VMI museum.      

"Going to open up a bigger swath of viewership and hopefully, that's going to convey into people coming to see us and spending time and money," said Mike Whiteside

"It was on from 6 to 2 today but is also going to be on October 2. There is another marathon scheduled as well as the 16th, which is pretty cool because that brackets the premiere of the second half of season nine on DIY," said Robert Kulp. 

Salvage Dawgs has been airing since 2012.