5 arrested after meth, heroin and other drugs discovered inside Lynchburg home


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Five people were taken into custody after a collection of drugs, including methamphetamine and heroin,  were found in a home, according to the Lynchburg Police Department. 

Officers found two to three ounces of methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, and a gun as a result of a search warrant. 

Lynchburg officers say it all started when they tried to serve an arrest warrant on Phillip Wright at a home in the 3200 block of Oak Hill Avenue. 

Initially, officers found several people leaving the house who did not live there and were unable to locate Wright. 

Officers later found out that Wright was inside of the home and got a search warrant to go inside the house and find Wright. 

While searching the home, officers saw illegal drugs in plain sight inside of the home. This prompted the officers to get a second search warrant for the home in an effort to find additional drugs. 

During the second search, officers found two to three ounces of methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana and a gun. 

Steven Beckett, 30, Destiny Woolcott, 28 and Philip Wright were arrested in relation to the drug search warrant. 

In addition to the drug-related charges, 28-year-old Christopher Bryant and 51-year-old Daniel Pellitteri, as well as Wright and Beckett, all had pre-existing warrants out for their arrest and were found by officers. 

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