Dozens of UPS employees protest outside building to "deliver" a message

UPS drivers held signs that read "vote no" Thursday morning

ROANOKE, Va. – On this cold, wet and rainy morning, about a dozen UPS delivery drivers, including Joshua Hicks, stood outside the UPS Center holding signs that read "Vote No."

“We're protesting against an upcoming contract that's being negotiated or has been negotiated,” Hicks said.

While they are getting ready to vote on the proposed contract, Hicks explains why he and drivers across the country are frustrated.

“It's an unfair contract. We’re dealing with harassment, excessive overtime and there’s  lot of double standard,” Hicks said.

Kevin Fringer, another UPS employee, believes the proposed contract breaches a line of work ethics.

“I want to be treated with respect and dignity at UPS,” Fringer said.

UPS Teamsters is circulating a flyer on 10 reasons to vote no including excessive overtime, 70-hour workweeks and poverty wages for part-timers

10 News reached out to UPS headquarters.

The company responded in a statement that reads:

"UPS is pleased that Teamster leadership throughout the country have approved the small package and freight tentative national agreements.  The next step involves a ratification vote by the membership.  We believe these contracts meet the needs of our employees and the business.  They reward employees for their contribution to UPS's success through wage increases, benefit improvements and the creation of thousands of new full-time jobs.  They also include provisions that give ups greater flexibility to meet customer needs for expanded weekend residential services, as well as address challenges from competitors."

Hicks said this is the first time he and his fellow workers have stood up to protest a future contract.

The vote for the contract will be tallied Oct. 5.