Local survivor reacts to Thursday's hearing on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

ROANOKE,Va. – The nation watched and heard powerful testimony from Dr. Christine Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary committee.

As details of Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault is heard in Washington, D.C. many survivors of assault right here at home many are being impacted and relieving some of their experiences.

This story has prompted another conversation about sexual misconduct in communities across America and here at home. 

Yzavia Haney is a mother, wife and survivor of sexual assault. She was assaulted twice and immediately spoke out about it, but says she was not supported.

“Even when you go to people who are supposed to help within your police departments and your hospitals and different places, (sometimes) you are further victimized and you're not supposed to be,” Haney said.

Haney says Thursday's hearing regarding Kavanaugh has brought up many emotions. Some of the items mentioned Thursday have forced her to relive her experience and some are filled with hope.

“Just the fact that there are having (a) hearing, and things that they are being brought to the surface and media coverage. (Like) going into the courtroom and being able to hear these things I do see that there is a positive impact,” Haney said.

She continues to speak out and guide other survivors to free services that are offered by organizations such as Total Action for Progress.

TAP's goal is to "help (assault victims) be more educated in the choices that they want to make and lead them in our direction where they feel more comfortable,whether that would be with the courts or therapy or counseling,” said Stacey Sheppard, director of housing and human services for TAP.

Sheppard reminds the survivors in our community there are teams of people waiting to help and that TAP is just waiting for their call and that they are advocates and believe all survivors like Haney.

“You are still beautiful, strong, wonderful people and you deserve to have a wonderful life. And don't let that be the end of your story,” Haney said.