Working group presents trash plan to Roanoke Valley Resource Authority board of directors


ROANOKE, Va.- – How to transport trash in the Roanoke Valley is once again up for discussion.  

The Roanoke Valley Resource Authority board of directors was presented a report by a working group at their meeting Wednesday to look at the best long-term transportation options for the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority.

Right now, the rail system is their method of transporting of solid waste from their transfer station to the Smith Gap landfill in Roanoke County. 

"The recommendation was to transition into trucking. Trucking was the best long-term alternative. And by long-term, the study was a 25-year. Which is the same period of time we have been operating now," said Dan Miles, CEO of Roanoke Valley Resource Authority.

The board will review findings and revisit the issue at their meeting next month.