Christiansburg has a proposal to turn the old Truman Wilson land into a multi-purpose park

CHRISTIANSBURG,Va. – The 63-acre Truman Wilson property, behind the Walmart in Christiansburg could soon be turned into a multimillion dollar universal park. 

Town leaders believe Christiansburg lacks a signature park, but some taxpayers like Valerie Schrader wishes the land had never been purchased. 

"I just feel like they should take the money they already have in the school system and a lot of their playground areas and soccer fields and maybe improve that some and put money there, instead of putting a whole brand new facility. I just don’t think we need that," Schrader said.

Schrader wants to have more input on the redevelopment. 
Town manager, Randy Wingfield says community feedback will be key once they get further along in the process. 

"Basically, the first phase council has selected are the three multipurpose fields, an accessible playground area, of course parking, restroom, concessions and maintenance buildings," said Wingfield.

The Town Council voted this week to review a proposal from Branch and Associates, the firm that would partially fund the estimated $30 million to $33 million park. 
Wingfield says council is just reviewing the proposal as of now. 

"We currently have a million dollars in the budget now for the park design which will be used towards the construction and PPA we received from Branch is the design and construction of the park," Wingfield said. 

The town plans to apply for grants to come up with the remaining funds. The bidding for the park will open starting next week for 60 days.