Botetourt YMCA on its way to New Years grand opening

New YMCA located at Daleville Town Center

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – Progress continues in Botetourt County. This time it's the new YMCA at Daleville Town Center. It's about 75 percent complete.

It may still look just roughed in, but the look of the worksite is serious progress. The tipping point is in the rearview mirror and the finish line is straight ahead.

"We got down to moments where if this moment doesn't work out, we don't have a project, and those moments always came together and that was the strength of this community," YMCA of Virginia's Blue Ridge President Mark Johnson said.

Work is humming along at the new YMCA. It started with locals asking how. Add $10 million and thousands of hours of work, and this is the reward you get.

"It's one of those things you look back and go, back in 2013 if we had looked at all that would have to happen to get to today, you might go, I don't even know if we could do it," Johnson said.

Despite a rainy summer putting the exterior behind, they say they will do it, opening January 1. A pool for members and local swim teams is the crown jewel on top of a gym and plenty of open space for serving members in their neck of the woods.

"When you see a Y, you see one Y because it's based on community needs," Botetourt YMCA Branch Executive Tricia Reynolds said. "So in Botetourt that's what I'm doing right now is hitting the pavement, meeting a lot of people and trying to figure out what those community needs are."

The community around the Y is going up just as fast. Crews have spared no time checking every last detail to make it the best.

"We are going to be able to bring more than a wellness center the programming and the community building that a Y brings is really at the heart of why we want to be here," Johnson said.

Crews chip away at the to-do list each day, but the views from the building overlook the mountains, and they're ready and waiting.

Membership enrollment for the Botetourt YMCA begins in a few weeks.

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