New Carvins Cove mural unveiled in downtown Roanoke

Mural is copy of a painting by a local high school senior


ROANOKE, Va. – You don't even have to leave downtown Roanoke to get a new view of the beautiful outdoors.

Friday afternoon, The Western Virginia Water Authority unveiled a new mural of the sun setting over Carvins Cove. It's a 32' print of a painting by William Byrd High School senior Ashley Roop. 

The water authority was repairing the building when they found a hidden treasure giving them the idea.

"When we (did the construction) not only did we uncover the oldest part of the building in the center that was built in 1907, we uncovered some remnants of what had been murals here on this side of the building, the tall part," Western Virginia Water Authority spokesperson Sarah Baumgardner said. "We said, wouldn't it be neat to put that back."

There are a few finishing touches that still need to be completed. The water authority plans to swap the mural out for a new one every few years.

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