Mother of Campbell County man accused of killing neighbor, injuring officer speaks out

Tony Kidd, 53, still in stable condition after a shootout with Lynchburg police

CAMPBELL COUNTY. Va. – Tony Kidd is still in a Lynchburg hospital Monday after allegedly killing a woman, and shooting a man and a Lynchburg police officer.

His mother, Catherine Tomlin, said the allegations are unbelievable.

"It's hard to believe Tony would have done that," she said, "I've never known Tony to hurt a dog."

Tomlin tells 10 News Kidd and his girlfriend have been dating for a year and have a newborn son.

"That's that the only thing I can understand from Tony. She's keeping the baby away from him," Tomlin said.

She adds, that after the Friday argument, police came to her home looking for Kidd and arrested him.

"It's just been a back and forth situation. It would take me now till Christmas to tell you the truth from all of this, but I'm (going to) stop right here now," Tomlin said.

While he was in jail, Tomlin said, Kidd's girlfriend came to 96 Lucinda Drive, packed up her belongings and left with the help of a neighbor and friend, 69-year-old Robin Chenault.

Investigators believe Kidd killed Chenault and shot her husband, Dale. Dale Chenault is also in stable condition.

"Tony and Dale worked together, they helped one another. They were very close. This was a shock," Tomlin said

10 News took a look into the 53-year-old's past. Since 2003, Kidd has faced three assault and battery charges. The most recent incidents were twice in November last year. One incident involved a law enforcement officer, and the other a family member. His family is still trying to process the situation.

"I just think I'll have rest when this is all over with," Tomlin said.