Local limo service talks safety after weekend crash in New York

ROANOKE, Va. – The deadly limo crash in New York that killed 20 people over the weekend has a lot of us wondering how to stay safe if you hire a limousine service.

Francis Brown owns Cartier Limousine Service in Roanoke which will get you where you need to go locally and beyond.

"Provide service to Dulles, to Charlotte, to Greensboro to Raleigh," said Brown. 

His cars get a full inspection every 5,000 miles.  
"Any work or maintenance inspections we use the dealer so that we don't run into the problem of not maintaining vehicles," said Brown. 

In Upstate New York, investigators are still working to figure out what caused this deadly limo crash that left 20 people dead. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the driver didn't have the right drivers license to operate that vehicle. 

Here in Virginia, you can check the department of motor vehicles website to search for licensed transportation services. 

"I think if the individual take the time out to check the vehicle they have, for-hire vehicle tags on them, it lets them know they are authorized by the state to do that particular job service."

According the National Limousine Association, there's a Bill of Rights, where it states all passengers have the right to ask proof of proper commercial-for-hire licensing, a safe and courteous driver that obeys all traffic laws and assurance that the vehicles being driven has undergone regular inspections.