Travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer needed as God's Pit Crew prepares for Hurricane Michael

God's Pit Crew putting together disaster relief kits

DANVILLE, Va. – God's Pit Crew is in need of supplies to help fill Blessing Buckets ahead of Hurricane Michael.

Blessing Buckets are the organization's disaster relief kits.

From 6-8:30 p.m. Thursday, volunteers will be filling up buckets to potentially send to people in need after Hurricane Michael makes landfall.

The goal is to fill 2,000 buckets.

God's Pit Crew sent over 7,500 buckets to people in the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence and now only has about 1,000 left.

"The thing that we're shortest on right now is the little tiny, two or three ounce at the most, little purse hand sanitizers. We use these in our first aid kits," Blessing Bucket Coordinator Julie Burnett said.

Anyone older than 5 can volunteer to help buckets.

Volunteers don't have to preregister; just show up at God's Pit Crew's warehouse Thursday.

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