Honor Flight veterans arrive at National D-Day Memorial

200 supporters arrive on motorcycles in honor of veterans

BEDFORD, Va. – U.S. Army veteran Robert Key served in World War II and the Korean War.

Now, he's returning from a different journey, the Honor Flight, an experience that had a great impact on him.

“It means everything. These are my friends. They've been so nice to me all the time. They make me want to cry,” Key said.

As soon as the Honor Flight bus arrived with close to a dozen area veterans, some 200 supporters, including Kenny Johnson, rolled in on their motorcycles.

“What they did for us is why we're here today. There's not a lot of them left, and they did a lot so that we can have our world,” Johnson said.

Nick Cutler, 13, said it was an honor for him to accompany the veterans during their trip.

“They knew they were going to sacrifice and put their lives on the line. I feel like that's the ultimate sacrifice. If they knew they were going to do that and they helped liberate our country, I feel like I owe them a lot more than just this,” Cutler said.

The Honor Flight veterans enjoyed an hour of music, food and fellowship with one another.

“It's very inspiring to just listen to their trials and tribulations and to see them with their smiles on their faces and talking about it like it was yesterday,” Cutler said.

Cutler said spending time with the Honor Flight veterans was the most life-changing experience he's ever had, and he can't wait to do it again.