Elon tornado survivors make progress six months later

Amherst County Habitat for Humanity wants to help more families

ELON, Va. – One by one, families are moving back into their homes in Elon. The Fink family is one of them.

Leecy Fink, a tornado survivor, said, "It's crazy to think the tornado destroyed our driveway. You don't think about stuff like that, but it was literally crumbled."

Fink and her family are close to moving into their new home on Nottaway Drive.

"It feels like it was six months ago and other days it feel like it was years ago, and sometimes it feels like it was last week," Fink said.

In April, an EF3 tornado destroyed several homes in Elon. The Finks lost everything. Six months later, they family is almost done rebuilding. The family shared pictures with 10 News of the progress inside its house. Amherst County Habitat for Humanity donated a new bathtub and sink to the family.

"Just little things. Just little things like that has really been able to help. Unfortunately, none of ushad enough insurance. So we were able to offset the cost with this or that," Fink said.

Up until now, the Amherst County Habitat for Humanity has brought in over $70,000 worth in building equipment.

Debbie Habel, the executive director of the Amherst County Habitat for Humanity, said, "There were several that were uninsured and there were quite a few that were underinsured. Our goal is to make the families whole. When it's all said and done, they're back to where they were."

"What you see in our house is not the story of all of Elon. There's still a lot of homes left to rebuild.

"There's homes that we are hoping to get started on pretty soon. There's still a lot of needs," Fink said.

The Finks hope to move into their new home in a few weeks.

The Amherst Disaster Recovery Group and Amherst County Habitat for Humanity believe there are still families out there who need help. If you are one of them they are asking you to call Debbie Habel at 434- 946-7440 or 434 665- 4171 or to email amherstcountyhabitat@gmail.com.