Flood damage cleanup continues in Roanoke County

Rushing water damaged homes, roads

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – People in southern Roanoke County joined hundreds all over Virginia who are cleaning up after Tropical Storm Michael caused flood damage Thursday.

The flooding damaged several homes along Back Creek Road, which is off Route 220 south of Clearbrook.

A few families put everything they lost in their basement outside on their lawn. One couple said the rushing water broke through their basement door and reached 6 feet high inside.

Many people in the area said there has never been flooding on their property before. Many lived in the same area during the flood of 1985 and said this past week was worse.

Nearby, the fast-moving water washed out a side road. On Monday, neighbors worked for the fourth day to fix it.

“Devastating, scary, in tears, horrible. It was just bad,” neighbor Stephanie Richards said.

They’ve used 50 tons of rocks to fill in the road.

“This has been really devastating, when you come home and you see everything just washing down the river,” neighbor Sidney Muncy said.

They had to lift boulders out of the creek, and they’ll need to rebuild the stone wall on one side of it.

“I've never seen it this bad before, the amount of water,” neighbor Kelly Bowles said.

Nearby, a woman’s driveway was washed out, showing the exposed culvert.

A few miles north in Roanoke County on Route 220, VDOT continued work Monday where flooding Thursday washed out the shoulder near Yellow Mountain Road.

One lane was still closed in both directions.

VDOT spokesman Jason Bond said there will continue to be periodic road closures there -- and at another section of 220 in Franklin County where a pipe needs to be replaced -- for the next few days.

Crews are working on, or are scheduled to work on, 10 closed roads in the Roanoke district. Many are in Bedford and Franklin counties.