Power restored for 1,800 Danville residents who lost power

Affected neighborhoods are Forest Hills, Beverstone and Westmoreland



Danville officials say that power has been restored for the 1,800 customers who lost power Monday afternoon. 

Originally, city officials said that the outage was because of a mudslide the broke a pole on Maple Lane. However, a utility crew found that the outage was actually caused by a tree across a power line on Memorial Drive. 

Around 1,800 Danville residents are without power Monday afternoon after a mudslide broke a pole, according to city officials. 

The affected neighborhoods include Forst Hills, Beverstone and Westmoreland. 

Officials say the outage was caused by a broken pole from a mudslide on Maple Lane. 

The city has crews working to clean up the damage and stabilize the bank so they can replace the pole. 

Power restoration could take several hours and possibly go overnight, according to officials. 

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