MS-13 gang member testifies as Victor Rodas trial continues

Victor Rodas, 1 of 6 charged in connection with Raymond Wood's death

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – The prosecution continues to present its case against Victor Rodas, one of the six people charged in connection with Raymond Wood's death. The 17-year-old's mutilated body was found in Bedford County last March.

Bedford County Sheriff's Office Investigator Jon Maddox returned to the stand Wednesday to talk about evidence found at the scene the night Wood's body was found at the scene.

Multiple pictures were shown to jurors of Wood's clothes and other items surrounding his body. 

After Maddox, an admitted MS-13 gang member took the stand. His name is being withheld from jurors to protect his identity. The man is currently in federal custody and was brought in by U.S. marshals. 

He talked about his prior gang activity before being arrested and discussed the culture and day-to-day activity of being a member of MS-13. 

A Bedford County Sheriff’s Office investigator was recalled back to the stand to talk about evidence found at the scene the night Wood's body was found on Roaring Run Road.

Multiple pictures were shown to jurors of Woods clothes and other items surrounding his body. 

One of the most interesting pieces of evidence show in court today was a video of Victor Rodas alone inside a questioning room at the sheriff’s office. 

On March 28, Investigator Kristen Edmondson was assigned to watch Rodas from a camera in another room at least 15 hours after his arrest.

She describes the video in court as Rodas messing with his handcuffs and bending down repeatedly towards the bottom of a desk in the room.

She tells the court Rodas retrieved something from the bottom of the desk and placed it in his jacket pocket.

Senior special agent Kevin Hart with state police processed two vehicles as evidence in the murder.

One was a dark-colored Honda Accord where he found a pair of white Timberland boots inside.

Raymond Woods mother was called back to the stand where the prosecution showed her the boots and asked her if she recognized them. She became very emotional and said it was her son’s shoes. 

Also learned in court, Victor Rodas initially told police he did not know the teenager before his death.

But evidence presented in court today refuted that.

A Lynchburg police detective who specializes in criminal street gangs pulled cell phone records between Victor Rodas, other alleged members of MS-13 and Raymond Wood weeks before his murder. 

One exchange read in court was Rodas asking Wood for marijuana on March 12, 2017. 
Another message on March 19 shows a disagreement between the two teens.
That was eight days before Wood was killed and his body was found in Bedford County. 

Court resumes tomorrow morning at 9.