Patrick Henry High School principal reassures parents after rumored school threat

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke police say there is no credible threat to Patrick Henry High School after investigating a social media post.

For the past several days, concerns about a possible threat at Patrick Henry have been going viral on social media, but again, police are saying there is no credible threat. 

A recorded call from the principal went out to parents Wednesday morning, saying in part:

"I have received several inquiries about a threat on Snapchat.  This was brought to my attention several days ago. It has been thoroughly investigated. I can assure you all parties have been dealt with appropriately." 

In her message, the principal says students were apparently forwarding a picture and adding items to it. The image has been circulating on social media and shows a teenager holding a weapon. 

We spoke with Nancy Hans, executive director of the Prevention Council, about the dangers of social media for students. She said it's important for parents or caregivers to monitor what apps their kids are using and what they are saying. 

"We're giving them a tool that can be used in a very quick and easy way but can turn ugly quickly," said Hans. 

Roanoke police say at this time, no one is facing charges related to this incident. 

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