Roanoke County proposes tractor trailer restrictions near Interstate 81

Truckers would be restricted on Wood Haven Road near new development

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Tractor trailers may soon be banned from a few Roanoke County roads. Leaders are looking at restricting them on some roads near Northside High School after complaints from neighbors.

Trucks aren't a problem now, but the new joint venture industrial building by the regional governments planned for the area is what has people talking. So, county leaders and those neighbors are working together to hopefully solve any problems before they even arrive.

Tucked at the foot of the mountains, people move here to Wood Haven Road for the rural Roanoke County feel. But this area, well it's changing.

"One of the major things that we're worried about is the extra traffic and especially the truck traffic which is going to cause a lot of problems especially for the people that live along Wood Haven Road," Wood Haven Road homeowner Keith Moore said.

The Western Virginia Regional Industrial Facility Authority announced two years ago that a building going up for a high tech company at the Interstate 581 and Interstate 81 junction. Neighbors fought and then begrudgingly accepted, but continued hammering home their primary fear.

"It's a response to the citizens concerns and a legitimate response I think, it's not perfect but we have seen good results with the through truck restrictions," Roanoke County Planning Administrator David Holladay said.

The county is considering restricting all trucks through Valleypointe as a way to meet in the middle. The proposal would lead truckers off Interstate 581 onto Peters Creek Road, then onto Valleypointe Parkway and then onto Wood Haven limited residential exposure. It's worked before and they're hoping it works again.  

"It does cut down on truck traffic, it doesn't completely eliminate it, we still have some problems but it's enforced by local police and we really do get good results," Holladay said.

Neighbors said anything is better than nothing and are pleased with the offer. But they still wish leaders would take the project to what they say are better properties elsewhere.

"What we would really like to see is for that, if they can fill those areas ip then we can start looking at step two and going into other areas," Moore said.

The county said getting this in place before a tenant moves in is actually a selling point for the property. A public hearing is scheduled Tuesday 3 p.m. Then it needs approval from the board of supervisors and finally approval from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

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