Stormwater specialists searching for signs of high water in effort to reduce flooding

Crews pinpoint at least 30 areas where flooding was severe

ROANOKE, Va. – Chase Campbell is one of several stormwater specialists with the city of Roanoke searching for signs of high water.

So far crews have pinpointed about 30 areas where flooding was especially severe when Tropical Storm Michael hit Southwest Virginia.

"We're continuing to get more from residents telling us about flooding that happened on their own property,” Campbell said.

This includes homes near Hamilton Terrace.

Campbell says any time there is a major flood, personnel from the stormwater division will go out to pinpoint the hardest hit areas.

Along the Roanoke River, Campbell found evidence of how high the water level got.

“We specifically saw where debris lines were left from the water being up on the grass. The water came up and brought all sorts of trees and dead vegetation. When it receded, it left it sitting there. We use those lines to determine the exact points where we want to collect our GPS data,” Campbell said.

Ultimately, that data will be used to help improve the infrastructure for any future flooding events.

In an effort to help reduce flooding, the stormwater division will continue surveying the area for the next several days.