New River Valley program gives special dogs second chance

A program at the Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center is giving special dogs another shot at finding a forever home.

It's called the Second Chance Adoption Program.

Rachel Potters, president of Friends of Animal Care and Control, stops by the shelter often and walks through the kennels to find Maxx.

He’s part of the shelter's Second Chance Adoption Program, along with Veria, Sarge and Noodle.

Eileen Mahan is the shelter director and says there is a big need.

“Shortly after we opened, we kind of saw that we had a few dogs that weren't really getting a lot of attention and were having a harder time placing them,” Mahan said.

Like Maxx, they were spending a lot of time inside the shelter walls.

“The thought was, let’s get them in this program. We use social media to advertise these dogs, put out the requirements, get people really interested and hyped up about them to get them adopted,” Potters said.

Besides working with the dogs one on one, volunteers dress them up and give them special attention on social media to rally support.

“Some of the animals have been neglected or abused, so we want to make sure they go to a home that's going to treat them right with positive reinforcement, a lot of love,” Potters said.

“These dogs are worth it, and if people take the time, they are definitely worth it,” Mahan said.      

Some who've walked into the shelter have accepted the challenge and walked out with a second chance pup.

Staff say the difference after they leave is night and day.

“Really, where they can thrive is in a home, lying on a couch and watching TV with their owners, and it's so great to be able to see those pictures of them out with their new owners on walks and lying on the couch and stuff like that, it's great to see,” Mahan said.

With four more waiting to be adopted, there's an opportunity for you to make a difference.

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