Giant tree splits in half, falls on woman's trailer home

Windstorm causes power outage for some 60,000 Appalachian power customers


CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – The sight of a giant tree split down the middle right on top of Judy Penhollow's trailer home, wasn't something she planned to wake up to.

“I came out on the porch and here the tree was,” Penhollow said.

Penhollow, who lives alone, said the fallen tree damaged the shed where she stores thousands of dollars' worth of equipment.

“I have all kinds of tools in there and all kinds of power equipment,” Penhollow said.

She is trying to figure out how to recover from the damage.

“I can't afford a lot of money. I'm retired,” Penhollow said.

The Duncan Chapel Church of Brethren canceled all services on Sunday morning due to fallen trees, as well as power outages throughout the county.

Currently, the power is out for more than 60,000 Appalachian Power customers.

The storm included gusts of almost 60 mph, affecting electric service.

While Penhollow didn't lose power from the windstorm, she's worried about how long her home will hold up with tree branches still sitting there.