Roanoke wants to be "age friendly"

Asking people to take a survey


ROANOKE – Roanoke wants to be age friendly.  They want people 45 years old and older to talk about the accessibility, availability, and condition of neighborhood housing, transportation, and public places.

The goal is to collect 500 responses from people in all Roanoke city neighborhoods, to pinpoint what makes a neighborhood age-friendly and help prioritize issues to be addressed.

Researchers from Virginia Teach will analyze the results.

All City of Roanoke residents ages 45+ are invited to complete the survey. Participants who complete the survey will be given a $5 Walmart gift card. All participants providing contact information at the completion of the survey will also be eligible to participate in two cash prize drawings for $250 each on November 23 and December 21.

You can find the survey here.

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