Lucky Smith Mountain Lake store sells second $1 million lotto ticket in less than 2 years

Couple purchased tickets while staying in Va. due to power outages from Michael

UNION HALL, Va. – Jerry and Jo Mears of Eden, North Carolina are the lucky $1 million winning lotto ticket holders.

Although they reside in Eden, they have a home at Smith Mountain Lake.

During a recent power outage due to Hurricane Michael, they decided to spend time in their Virginia home.

While in the area Jerry purchased $60 worth of Mega Millions tickets. 

“I woke up at three in the morning to check my numbers and I realized I had won,” Mears said.

It turns out it was very close to hitting the jackpot. One of his tickets matched the first five numbers and missed the MegaBall number by one digit. That wins Mega Millions’ second prize of a $1 million.

Mears said after realizing he won, he waiting until 6:30 am to wake his wife Jo up with a question; How does it feel to be a millionaire?

The couple said the money will be used to help their three daughters and seven grandchildren. Jerry said he plans to invest some as well as help out several charities.

The winning tickets were purchased at the Whistlestop in Union Hall.

This is the second time the store has sold a million dollar ticket in the past year and half.

Owner Teju Patadia said they were very busy Wednesday with customers looking to buy lottery tickets from what’s now known as the lucky store.

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