Shipbuilding program coming to New College Institute in Martinsville

Newport News Shipbuilding program to start in about six months


MARTINSVILLE, Va. – A new program is on the way to the New College Institute in Martinsville.

Newport News Shipbuilding's 3D imaging credential program is expected to start in about six months.

The company's mobile experience trailer was at the NCI Wednesday to show people how digital technology is used to build ships.

State Sen. Bill Stanley is the board chair at the New College Institute and said the program will be very beneficial for the area.

"We can create a pipeline of students that can become credentialed, get the certifications necessary and can not only work at Newport News Shipbuilding but one of the 14 other vendors that serve Newport News Shipbuilding that are in our area," Stanley said.

"This started in the General Assembly, where I approached the Newport News Shipbuilding company, the largest manufacturer in Virginia, to try to see if there was something we could do," Stanley continued. "They told me about their 3D imaging and program for credentials for the new way that we're building ships in the commonwealth of Virginia."

The trailer will be at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville Thursday.

It will be available for public tours from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.