Band encourages students through music at Franklin County middle school

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va.- – A nationally recognized band brings a message of positivity and encouragement. 

 It was a concert in the middle of the school day. Students at Benjamin Franklin Middle School got lesson in the form of music and words Friday. 

"Here is the truth: You are more than able label people put on your life." said Ryan Payne, the band's lead singer. 

The band Attaboy is in the middle of its "Come Alive" tour. The stop is to spread the importance of making good choices in life and being positive influences.

"Being able to emphasize that the idea of not caving in with what everybody else is doing or what everyone else is saying, it's one of those things that,  if you can learn early enough, it's going to serve you well later on," said Payne. 

Students said they were able to connect with that message. 

Eighth grader Ben Dye said, "They're showing a message in a fun way. It wouldn't necessarily get across if it was just a normal lecture by a teacher."

Teachers and school leaders were interested in the band because of the positive behaviors it promotes. 

"What we're trying to do is put some tools in their toolbox when they are confronted with the choices that they need to make," said Dr. Bernice Cobbs, campus principal.  

After leaving the concert, students said they're inspired to become better role models. 

"Like, if we think that we don't see what we want to see in the school, we should tell somebody or try to help it," said Daniella Peccio.

The middle school is the only stop in Virginia for the band. It also performed a free concert for the community.