'Public infrastructure is adequate': Danville city manager responds to storm drain complaints

Businesses, residents say storm drains are causing flooding problems


DANVILLE, Va. – Danville's city manager is addressing complaints about storm drains in the city.

The owner of the Colonial Heights apartment complex believes storm drains are the reason the complex flooded and was heavily damaged during Tropical Storm Michael.

The complex was one of many stops the Small Business Administration and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management made Friday to survey storm damage in Danville.

"We have investigated all of our storm water systems, especially in areas where we've seen complaints," Danville City Manager Ken Larking said. "We determine whether or not the public infrastructure in that area is adequate for most storms. In all these cases, it'll show that the public infrastructure is adequate."

He emphasized that no city can build infrastructure that can handle every storm.

He also noted that Apple Branch Creek has been a particular problem during recent flash flooding events, so a study is underway to determine what can be done.

"The city has hired an engineer to take a look at Apple Branch (Creek) to see what can be done. A lot of those suggestions won't solve every problem, and they will require some cooperation by private property owners. It can't all be handled by the city."

He expects the engineering study to be complete in a couple of months.

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