Aldi offering adult Advent calendars with wine, cheese

Advent calendars are no longer just for kids


With the holidays quickly approaching, many children will be getting an Advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas, and get a little bit of chocolate, too. 

Now, thanks to the power of German-based grocery store Aldi, parents can get in on the Advent calendar fun with their own grown-up version. Instead of getting chocolate or candy each day leading up to Christmas, adults will get a true Christmas miracle: wine and cheese. 

The wine and cheese Advent calendars are sold separately, but we recommend just getting both. It's like peanut butter and jelly -- you gotta have both. 

The wine Advent calendar goes for $70 and includes 24 mini-bottles of shiraz, malbec, a red blend, pinot grigio and more. The 24 mini-bottles are equivalent to six full-size bottles of wine. 

The cheese Advent calendar goes for $13 and includes 24 cheeses from around the world, such as Gouda, havarti and cheddar. 

The new Advent calendars will make their debut on Nov. 7. 

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