Local woman wins free bus rides for a year

Shannon Ray, 26, won Virginia's "Try Transit Week" giveaway contest

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Free rides for the rest of the year.

Shannon Ray won the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation “Try Transit Week” Giveaway Contest.

Ray said she rides the bus to save gas and save money for school.

The 26-year-old, lives in Lynchburg, and wants to be a hospital Chaplin.

For a year she gets to ride Lynchburg city buses for free and she got a pair of round-trip tickets to take the Amtrak train anywhere northeast.

“I’m still kind of in shock. I’m kind of just like it’s a dream. I’m super excited to ride GLTC some more and go on Amtrak, visit my friends. I’m just ready to get going,” Ray said.

She said she will use her Amtrak ticket to visit a friend in Boston. 

About the Author:

Magdala Louissaint

Magdala Louissaint is an award-winning journalist who joined WSLS 10 in July 2017 as the Lynchburg bureau reporter.

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