Hundreds gather to honor 12-year-old girl who died trying to save her dog

Rockbridge County community commemorates Jennarae Goodbar in processional

ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Va. – The bond between Jennarae and her dog, Cash, was a special one.

It was so special that she died trying to save her dog when he took off running. Both were hit and killed by a car.

This weekend, she was laid to rest with her beloved dog.

The Rockbridge County community commemorated the sixth-grade student in a processional.

Family and friends who gathered at Kerrs Creek Firehouse to celebrate her life said she was an active outdoorsman who loved to go bear hunting.

Stacey Ruley, Chief of Kerrs Creek Fire Department, described her as a positive girl who loved everyone around her.

“Jennarae was always smiling, always running around, and loved everyone,” Ruley said.

Ruley said she and the community will continue to support the family in the weeks ahead.