Animal cruelty cases spike in Martinsville

About three times as many cases this year than normal

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Martinsville's animal control officer is seeing an unusually high number of animal cruelty cases this year.

So far, there have been 14.

That's about three times as many as a normal year.

He says he's seen everything from people neglecting their pets to people dumping pets in boxes.

That's costing the Martinsville Police Department thousands of dollars.​

"We are awarded restitution in a lot of these cases, but we still have to pay the vet up front and a lot of times the person we charge can't afford to pay the city back," Animal Control Officer EC Stone said. "It hurts the police department in the long run because we have to pull money out of other budget lines.”

If you'd like to help the police department, Stone says the best thing to do is to donate to the department's benevolent fund.

Contact the police department at 276-638-8751 for more information.

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