War, civic duty bring Danville voters to polls

Late Tuesday morning, voter turnout was on pace to reach at least 50 percent


DANVILLE, Va. – The Ballou Park voting precinct in Danville saw a steady stream of voters all morning Tuesday.

A handful of people were even waiting in line in the pouring rain ahead of the precinct opening at 6 a.m.

The city's registrar said Monday she expected voter turnout citywide to be about 50 percent, which she said hadn't happened since 2010.

Late Tuesday morning, voter turnout was on pace to meet that expectation.

At Ballou Park Tuesday morning, 10 News spoke to several voters.

Two said they didn't really have any specific issues they were looking to vote on, they simply wanted to do their civic duty.

"Everybody's opinion counts and if you don't vote you don't really get a say so in what's going on," Dorthea Cunningham said.

"I want to do my civic duty because it took a long time for people to start voting. Therefore, every vote counts," Helen Clements said.

A third, Matthew White, said he did have a specific issue that he really wanted to come out and make his voice heard on.

"I came out to vote today because (I'm) dealing with insurance, dealing with the middle class and dealing with the people struggling for jobs. The main thing is, we don't want to go to a war. The way things are going now, everybody's upset and we could go into war. I want to bring about peace," White said.

Another question 10 News asked voters was if Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart's comments influenced how they voted.

Stewart made some controversial remarks about Danville earlier in the year, portraying the city very negatively.

"Yes, I did. I did because I am from Danville. I grew up here, so therefore I love my community," Clements said when asked if she thought about Stewart's comments when casting her vote.

"I wasn't really thinking about that," White said. "I was more concerned with the White House. That's what is the most important thing because what happens in Danville is not going to hurt the whole world."

Cunningham said she wasn't aware of what Stewart said about Danville.

"I vote for who I want to vote for. I use my opinion. I don't care what anybody else says. I just go by what I want," Cunningham said.

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