Midterm elections are over. What does it mean?

ROANOKE, Va. – Republicans no longer have a monopoly on power in Washington and that impact will be felt here in Southwest Virginia.

While the midterm elections are over, the impact of those votes will likely last for the next two years.

For the first time since 2010, Democrats have taken control of the House. 

"Obviously they will be able to put a stop to things. I think funding for the border wall for example is going to be a very, very tough sell. It may very well be dead for at least the next two years," said Ed Lynch. 

Democrats now have the power to investigate and obstruct. 

"Americans voted (in House races) to slow down the Trump agenda; on the Senate level they voted to accelerate," said Lynch. 

Republican 6th District Rep.-elect Ben Cline said he can be bipartisan in a Democratic-run House in Washington. 

"I've had to work with several governors of the opposite party. I can work with the speaker of the opposite party to get a lot of issues accomplished but I will not violate the principles on which I have run on," said Cline. 

In fact, the 6th District will be under new leadership of the first time in 26 years. Will Cline have the same influence as retiring Rep. Bob Goodlatte? 

"You subtract 20-plus years of seniority and going to the minority party expectations have to be realistic, which means kind of low," said Lynch. 

Cline says Goodlatte is leaving some big shoes to fill. 

"I'll be able to hit the ground running with no on the-job training at taxpayers expense," said Lynch. 

Lynch says the Republicans in the Senate won far more significant power, which is to confirm people to federal office, including Supreme Court justices.