New development on man whose car was destroyed by concrete block in public parking lot

Darin Lee says he still has not received compensation from city


ROANOKE, Va. – One month ago, Darin Lee pulled into a parking spot across from Elmwood Park when his car hit a slab of concrete.

There was no warning sign.

His car was declared a total loss of more than $10,000 in damages.

“The estimated value of my vehicle is $7,000,” Lee said.

Since then, he has resorted to leasing cars in order to continue his catering business.

10 News took Lee's concerns to Park Roanoke who runs the lot.

The department said they had notified their claims department of Lee's request for reimbursement.

So far, Lee said he has received no compensation.

“I've had no form of restitution on their behalf to compensate or provide me with any form of transportation,” Lee said.

10 News reached out to Park Roanoke to find out what they are doing to resolve the matter with Lee.

In a statement, Park Roanoke replied, “The repairs to the lot have been made and our claims department is in the process of compensating for the estimated damages.”

The concrete block has since been removed, but Lee's car rental bills are adding up.

Lee said he hopes there will be a resolution sooner than later.