Lynchburg organizations bring in benefits program specialist to help with Medicaid enrollement

Benefits program specialist will help uninsured or inactive clients

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Health benefits officially begin Jan. 1, 2019.

Currently, some providers in the region want to make the application process easier.

Now that Virginia is a Medicaid expansion state, there are changes to be made.

Horizon Behavioral Health and the Lynchburg Department of Social Services have collaborated to bring in a benefits program specialist to help make those changes.

Starting next Monday, the specialist will sit down with the organizations’ uninsured or inactive clients, take referrals and help them apply for health benefits.

“Rather than referring individuals to the department of social services, which could take two weeks, we’re able to walk them down a hallway, while they’re being admitted to Horizon, we can walk them down a hallway to get their health benefits,” Damien Cabezas, COO of Horizon Behavioral Health, said.

The benefits program specialist is expected to work five days a week. Applicants are asked to bring two forms of identification.

If you have questions or concerns, call the Horizon Behavioral Health admissions office at 434-522-8191.

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