Day 2: Trial for Danville man accused of 2013 murder

Former cellmate, forensic experts testified Tuesday

DANVILLE, Va. – The trial continued Tuesday for a Danville man accused of shooting and killing a man in 2013.

Tuesday was day two of Pierre Dixon's Trial.

He faces five charges, including capital murder.

Antwoine Rucker was shot to death in a hotel parking lot.

Day two of the trial started with the commonwealth calling an inmate who was in the same cell as Dixon in 2016.

The inmate testified that he heard Dixon talking about the homicide.

Several forensic experts also testified, including forensic pathologist Melissa Hypes, who said a DNA sample from the car Dixon was reportedly in when he went to the hotel did not include his DNA.

"When I examined and analyzed that profile, it appeared to me to be coming from more than one individual," Hypes said.

She also said Sharika Murphy and Rucker's DNA were not in the DNA sample.

Murphy is also charged in the case.

According to the commonwealth, she and Dixon went to the hotel together in Dixon's car.

Murphy is scheduled to have her trial date set in January.