Low-profile dock opens at Carvins Cove

Crowdfunding raiseS $23,000

A low-profile dock designed to launch kayaks, canoes, and boats used in various rowing sports opened Monday at Carvins Cove, after a successful crowdfunding effort led by the Roanoke Outside Foundation.

The dock is located at the Carvins Cove boat landing entrance, located at 9644 Reservoir Road, in Roanoke.

What follows is a portion of a news release from the Roanoke Outside Foundation.

The 10-foot by 60-foot low-profile dock provides an open access point to the water for anyone to use. The addition of this dock will allow paddle sports enthusiasts to safely enjoy Carvins Cove year-round, alleviate congestion at the existing boat ramp, and provide the only access in the region to the sport of rowing.

“This dock shows that an idea can become reality with a little help,” said Pete Eshelman, director of outdoor branding for the Roanoke Regional Partnership and Roanoke Outside Foundation. “The support demonstrates that people believe in investing in new outdoor infrastructure.” 

Much of the money was raised through dozens of small donations from people throughout the community. The Western Virginia Water Authority, Roanoke Outside Foundation and local governments, including Botetourt County, Roanoke County, and the City of Roanoke also supported the effort.
“The Authority supports recreational opportunities at Carvins Cove while still maintaining the safest, highest quality drinking water possible” said Gary Robertson, the Authority’s executive director of 
water operations. “We are pleased to support this regional collaboration that will make boating access safer for kayakers and rowers.”

The idea for a low-profile dock came from Jim and Lauren Pickens, who moved their company, Revolution Rowing, to Roanoke last year to take advantage of low business costs and the outdoor culture.

The Pickens will hold an interest meeting for a rowing program at 3 p.m. on Dec. 2 at the CoLab on Grandin Road. 


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