Addiction recovery center for women in the works in Pittsylvania County

Hope Center Ministries wants to open shelter on Mt. Cross Rd.

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – "I was at the hospital one day and certain individuals popped up. I say it's a blessing from God that I am here," said Christopher East, a resident at the Hope Center for men.

East has been at the center in Pittsylvania County for about three weeks.

"I am here for drugs. Heroin and methamphetamine," East said.

He said knowing how the Hope Center has helped him, he's glad to hear that the organization is trying to open a center for women.

"(I've hoped and prayed) to God every night since I've heard about it that it goes through, because I know there are a lot of women who are incarcerated or out on the street that have nobody; nobody to help them. This place right here will help them," East said.

The men's center's admissions director, Gary Robertson, wants to open the women's center on Mt. Cross Road.

"The need is real and more prevalent than the typical citizen would know," Robertson explained.

Until the property has been rezoned and he has a special use permit, he doesn't want to say exactly where the center would be.

"That property is a large house, five bedrooms, it has three and a half baths, two kitchens and we'd be looking at putting, with five bedrooms, 10 ladies in that facility," East said.

For Hope Center resident Bobby Greer, the thought of a center for women is motivational.

"There will be women out there that know me and Chris and the other guys, they have seen the bad part of our lives, and will be like, 'Oh man! Those guys, they've got something figured out. God's doing something in their life,'" Greer said.

The goal is to have the women's center open early next year.