New jobs coming to South Boston

Used car dealership to open, create 7-10 jobs

SOUTH BOSTON, Va. – New jobs are coming to South Boston.

The Terry Group in Lynchburg is opening a used car dealership on Wilborn Avenue.

On Thursday, South Boston town manager Tom Raab ceremoniously presented the keys to the building to the company's general manager, Mark Dalton.

Raab said although the investment may seem small, it's a big deal for the area.

"Hopefully, we'll land something huge, but in reality it's going to be those five to 10 jobs, kind of cranking along, doing that type of thing. That's what we're working at," Raab said.

"We're going to have cars ranging from maybe $5,000 up to $50,000, so a big range. Trucks, vans, SUVs. Lots of SUVs," Dalton said.

The dealership is scheduled to open Jan. 2.