California couple gets married where they had their first date: Costco


SAN DIEGO, Ca. – If you want your wedding day to be special, you should have your wedding in a special place.

That's exactly what Margot Schein and Julian Parris did.

They got married where they had their first date.


Yes, the warehouse club.

They met online but finally met in person three years ago today at a San Diego Costco.

In fact, Margot says she only messaged him because he had Costco in his profile.

She says they have lots of things in common, but Costco was the first thing.

They exchanged vows near the cash registers, then cut a Costco cake to celebrate.

They also browsed the aisles together as man and wife.

Margot and Julian Parris met in California, but they now live in North Carolina.