Montgomery County Christmas Store invites public to see community

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – The community that worked to fundraise and collect donations for a year will get to see the fruits of its labor Sunday, as the Montgomery County Christmas Store opens its doors to the public for an open house.

The store is open to the public from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Recipients will begin shopping Tuesday.

The store, set up just like a department store, gives low-income shoppers a chance to select gifts for children, the elderly and the disabled with a sense of dignity.

The Montgomery County Christmas Store announced on it’s Facebook page Saturday night they received over 100 donated items plus a $50 check from a Blacksburg Middle Schooler who worked to fundraise in his neighborhood for the Christmas store.

The Montgomery County Christmas store will serve around 4,000 people this year, and operates solely on volunteers and donations.

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