Central Virginia schools announce delays, some parents ready for kids to go back, others are not

Schools in Lynchburg, Campbell and Amherst counties operating on two-hour delay

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Katie Coffey is a Lynchburg City Cchools parent with a daughter in first grade. 
And she’s not ready for her to go back.

“I love having her home. She’s a big help for the younger kids, too. That’s not the only reason, but I feel like we’ve had time to finally do a lot of the Christmas traditions that we want to do every year,” Coffey said.

Sylvia Newman has two girls in Bedford County public schools and she agrees.
“I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed having them home. It’s like an early Christmas present. We love having the snow, playing in it,” Newman said.

But there are some parents in Amherst County who are ready for their children to go back.

“We’ve had some parents ask us, ‘Can we just drop the kids off at the school?' I think the parents are kind of tired of having their kids home,” Dr. William Wells, assistant superintendent for Amherst Co. Schools, said.

Amherst County Public Schools is one the many divisions in Central Virginia who have closed school the last three days since Sunday’s snowstorm.

On Wednesday, they drove 80 miles around the county.

“We’ve had a lot of roads improve dramatically since yesterday. We still have some trouble spots in the county we’re still working with,” Wells said.

School leaders tell me they’re using social media to inform parents on the road conditions outside their neighborhoods.

“Once people see the road conditions and some of the parts of the county, they’re much more understanding. So we’re trying to use social media to our advantage, put things on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram sites,” Wells said.

“We’re ready for Christmas. We’re ready.” 10 News Reporter Magdala Louissaint asked, “You wanna keep them until Christmas?” “Yeah, just call it off until Christmas,” Coffey said.

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