Local Virginia State Trooper shares his story of survival

His cruiser was hit by a car on I-81 in Pulaski County

ROANOKE, Va – A local state trooper is sharing his story of survival after he was one of four troopers involved in accidents caused by the snowstorm Sunday and Monday. 

Virginia State Trooper Daniel Scaletta is grateful and relieved to be home safe with his family after a dangerous moment Sunday evening.

"This is my replacement vehicle. My vehicle was struck here in the rear panel, and the other driver continued on down to the side before her vehicle was deflected off back into the right lane," said Scaletta. 

Pictures of the accident on Interstate 81 in Pulaski County show both doors on the passenger side of the cruiser crushed. Scaletta's car was in the left lane, blocking for a tow truck attempting to move a car from the median. He was standing with the driver of that vehicle off to the side. 

"We both kind of leaped into the median to avoid being struck," said Scaletta. 

Scaletta says the driver lost control of her car. 

"She and her kids are fine. She stated that she approached and couldn't tell where my vehicle was at, and by the time she realized it, it was too late to stop," said Scaletta. 

There were similar accidents like Scaletta's across the commonwealth this week. In Henrico County, a driver lost control and hit several vehicles, including a state trooper. 
In Hanover County, an SUV slammed into a VSP cruiser as the trooper was helping a disabled vehicle. In Prince George County, a trooper's vehicle was hit. 

"I'm just glad that out of the four of us that were hit, I'm glad that no one sustained any major injuries and everyone was able to go home at the end of their shift," said Scaletta. 

State police say if you are going to be out on the road during bad weather, make sure you pay attention and give yourself space between other cars.