Red flags, resources for domestic violence victims

Ashley Bayne's family says it saw warning signs from her ex-boyfriend.

ROANOKE, Va. – Ashley Bayne, a 31-year-old mother of three, lost her life to a man she had previously dated. Her family says he was also a man who isolated her from her family and showed threatening and dangerous behavior after they broke up about a month ago. 

"He was leaving all kinds of voice messages: 'I'm having a panic attack. I need to speak to you. You're not talking to me.' Things of that nature, consistently," said Stephanie Clark, Ashley's aunt. 

Police say 52-year-old James Bayne killed his ex-girlfriend at her workplace in Craig County before killing himself Wednesday morning in Botetourt County. After the tragic event, Ashley's family felt compelled to speak out to save others from suffering the same fate. 

"Speak out. If you're being harassed, get help. If you're estranged from your family, get back in your family. Get whatever help there is out there for you," said Lisa Seal, Ashley's aunt. 

We contacted Total Action for Progress, or TAP, and the Salvation Army Turning Point shelter, two agencies in Roanoke that work with domestic violence survivors, to see what warning signs partners and families should watch for. 

"Controlling behavior, threats of violence and it doesn't always have to be actual physical violence. A threat of suicide or homicide if you leave. Taking your phone. Checking your phone often," said Ashley Frankie, program manager for Turning Point. 

While it can be a scary situation, the agencies encourage anyone seeing red flags to learn about what services are available and take that step before someone takes your life. 

"It's really just making that call and seeking services and making that jump and knowing there is hope and there are people to help," said Stacey Sheppard, director of human services at TAP.

Both TAP and the Salvation Army Turning Point have free and confidential 24-hour hotlines to help survivors find a way out. 

TAP hotline: 540-580-0775

Salvation Army hotline: 540-345-0400

To learn more about the programs offered at TAP, click here.

To learn more about the programs offered at Salvation Army Turning Point, click here.