Cave Spring High School transition delayed again due to weather

Trailers will not be ready when students return from winter break

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Construction at a Roanoke County high school has hit another roadblock. 

Instead of the original plan of returning after winter break and continuing classes in trailers, classes at Cave Spring High School will be held in the original building until the trailers are ready. 

The original plan was to start construction and set up trailers, called the Modular Campus, where classes would be held once students returned from break.

Now, when students return for the second half of the school year on January 3, classes will be held in the original building until the Modular Campus is complete in mid-January. 

Roanoke County Public Schools says that the unusually wet and snowy weather recently paired with more rain in the forecast over the next couple of days, is the reason for the delay. They do not expect the delay to impact the overall completion date for construction. 

The school says it will send another message to parents with updated information about the new transition date as the move gets closer. 

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