Fitness expert explains dangers of exercising too much too soon

Expert gives on how to get back in shape

SALEM, Va. – At one point or another, most of us have made the New Year's resolution to get in shape. But what happens if you hit the gym and do too much too soon?

Dutchie Mirolli, wellness coordinator of the Family Salem YMCA, said exercise can cause serious problems if you haven't been physically active for some time.

“People should be checking with their physician first to see how their medications might affect their workout, how that might affect their heart rate or any muscular skeletal issues. These are all good reasons to talk to your doctor before working out,” Mirolli said.

In order to work out successfully, you want to make sure to let your muscles recover.


“Stretching is really important to your overall fitness that people tend to neglect. It's important because it can eliminate muscle soreness,” Mirolli said.

Proper nutrition, plenty of rest and drinking enough water all contribute to a successful workout.

As you begin hitting the gym, remember, even exercise should be done in moderation.