Former state water control board member hears from local pipeline opponents

BENT MOUNTAIN, Va. – Pipeline opponents voiced their concerns Wednesday.

A group met at the Bent Mountain Center with a special guest. Roberta Kellam, a former state water control board member, visited southwest Virginia to hear from opponents and tour some of the pipeline’s construction sites. 

"What's really moved me in this community is how much the water means to you all," said Kellam.

During her speech, Kellam thanked the community members for their efforts in documenting pipeline issues. She says public participation had a lot to do with the attorney general’s lawsuit against the pipeline which focused on inadequate erosion and sedimentation control measures. 

"I hope that if Gov. Northam is listening he and Secretary Strickler might consider coming out to this county and actually see it," said Kellam. 

Organizers say the goal of Wednesday's event was to demand a stop work order on the pipeline based on the pending litigation and environmental impacts. 

"We ask the attorney generals office to help us help the people and represent the real voice of Virginians as we move forward," said Delegate Sam Rasoul. 

MVP has consistently stated it believes the company is abiding by the law and judges will eventually rule in their favor.