Live in a greener Roanoke in 2019

ROANOKE, Va.- – The city of Roanoke is looking to help you live a "greener" life. The Clean and Green Academy returns later this year to provide people who live in the Star City with resources for green living.

This includes tips to protect the environment as well as your home or local business. Officials are asking people to sign up for the clean and green campaign pledge starting later this fall. 

"We talk about what it is to measure and monitor the greenhouse gas emissions and  what that actually means. How we do that and how we can affect it," said Nell Boyle, from the Office of Sustainability.  "We talk about the things the city are doing and we talk about things like transportation. We talk about local foods. We talk about air quality, energy efficient in your home and water quality." 

Other tips include cutting down on your energy bill and reducing Roanoke's carbon footprint.