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    Vote on reversion in Martinsville likely won't happen until at least next year

    City Council members will continue discussing reversion this year

    MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Next year is likely the earliest Martinsville City Council members could vote on reversion.

    That's according to the city's new mayor.

    Council members chose councilwoman Kathy Lawson as the new mayor in a 3-2 vote Wednesday morning.

    Newly elected council member Danny Turner was also sworn in Wednesday.

    He said reverting back to a town and becoming part of Henry County may be the city's only option.

    "We will be moving forward this year in the discussion of reversion. We'll have a committee that will look at the pros and the cons of what that will look like for our city," Lawson said.

    "Maybe the General Assembly, with some new rules and new laws, will make it where we don't have to revert, but present day, let's say last year, I don't think we have too many options," Turner said.

    If council members vote to revert, the state would have to approve the decision before the reversion process can begin.