How to be prepared for the change to Vinton's Valley Metro bus routes

Many new stops along Washington Avenue are being added


VINTON, Va. – Valley Metro riders in Vinton will need to pay attention, as two bus routes are set to change.

Beginning Thursday morning, routes 35 and 36 will be altered and some stops are being removed, while others are being added.

These changes are the result of a two-year process involving community members, town staff, Valley Metro staff and Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission (RVARC) personnel.

The new route is reciprocating within Vinton, which will allow residents and visitors to travel to local businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues without leaving the town limits.

“The reciprocal nature of these new bus routes will allow our residents to conduct daily activities, in addition to preserving the ability of commuters to get to their place of employment. I’m particularly proud of the way the public was involved throughout the creation of these routes and the hard work of our staff and Valley Metro personnel in bringing this finalized product to fruition,” said Vinton Mayor Brad Grose.

As part of these new routes, buses will no longer enter the parking lots of privately owned shopping centers, like Lake Drive Plaza and River Park Shopping Centers, in order to promote greater pedestrian safety and align with transit best management practices.

With the new bus routes, buses will travel east on West Virginia Avenue from Roanoke to Vinton, turn left onto Pollard Street and have stops at the Carilion Clinic Family Medicine and the Vinton library.

The route will then make a right turn onto Washington Avenue and stop at the former Vinton Motors Building. Most existing stops have been preserved along the rest of Washington Avenue. The route then turns right onto Bypass Road with a single bus stop fronting the River Park Shopping Center, as buses will no longer enter this property. The Valley Metro buses will then turn right onto Hardy Road, then make a left turn onto Vinyard Road to the Clearview Manor Apartments.

New bus stops are being installed on both sides of Vinyard Road to accommodate for the higher traffic flow to the Lake Drive Plaza Shopping Center, the Lancerlot Sports Complex and the future site of Rosie’s Gaming Emporium.

Along the inbound route returning along the same route in a reciprocal manner, two stops will be located fronting Lake Drive Plaza, with one stop near the Shoe Show and the other near the Kroger Fuel station.

The buses then continue on Bypass Road, Washington Avenue, and Pollard Street where it will stop in front of the Post Office building and the Vinton Municipal building before returning to Campbell Station via West Virginia Avenue.

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