Spotting elder abuse and neglect: What to look out for

Danville woman charged with neglecting, killing her grandmother


Brenda Gomez-Lazarski has been granted bond, according to court records.

She was granted bond at a bond hearing Wednesday.

She is scheduled to be back in court Feb. 26 to have her trial date set.


Brenda Gomez-Lazarski was charged this week with felony homicide and abuse and neglect of 71-year-old  Dorothy George.

George died last August.

Danville Police Department Lt. Richard Chivvis says the department typically only has one or two cases like this a year, but there may actually be more happening that don't get reported.

"In a doctor's office, when a caretaker's going in there, (the doctor asks) the person who needs care what's wrong and they won't let that elder or that incapacitated person talk. The caretaker's going to be the only one that responds to them. Those are signs that we're taught to look for," Chivvis said. "Similar situation, maybe, going into a bank or a financial institution...We've seen that."

The city has an Adult Protective Services department where complaints and concerns can be filed.

On Friday, 10 News spoke to supervisor Tess Moss about what to do if you have a concern or complaint.

"If you have some question that there's some abuse or neglect going on, call us. Be on the safe side. That's the only way we find out about a whole lot of these reports," Moss said.

Chivvis pointed out that you can also call 911.

"It's important to work together as a community to address this problem," Chivvis said.

You can call the Adult Protective Services office between eight and five Monday through Friday at 434-799-6540 or call the 24-hour hotline at 888-832-3858.

The case against Gomez-Lazarski remained under investigation Friday.